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JUUL and Litigation Lawsuits

Litigation And The Vaping Industry

Nicotine addiction is the last thing many young adults associate with vaping. Southern Med Law has experience in litigation against major corporations and their negligence, especially in cases concerning individuals who were unaware of the dangers of a product. In many cases, the way products are marketed can lead individuals to believe that they are using a product that will not harm them as much as another product. E-cigarettes have been marketed in this way when compared to traditional cigarettes. 

E-Cigarettes & JUUL Lawsuits

 JUUL is a major manufacturer of e-cigarettes and vapor pods. This company has claimed their products are a safer substitute for cigarettes. Due to these and other claims made by Juul, individuals feel the company has misrepresented their product by misleading consumers about the potential adverse effects to consumer health. 

There is currently litigation against JUUL  in the United States. Our founder Dr. Francois Blaudeau and his team of attorneys have been actively involved in the JUUL litigation since it began, including holding a position on the plaintiffs steering committee.  If you or a loved one became addicted to nicotine before the age of 19 due to using JUUL, please contact one of our experienced attorneys to discuss your options.  Data has suggested that from 2016 to 2018, the increase in e-cigarette usage among teens and young adults rose exponentially, creating a new generation of nicotine addicted Americans.  

In addition to the public health concerns regarding youth addiction to nicotine, due to e-cigarettes being new to the market there is no long term data about potential health effects. Southern Med Law is actively investigating potential lung and heart injuries in young people who have used JUUL. 

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At Southern Med Law, our team of medical litigation lawyers represents victims and their families in cases involving multi district litigation, class action and single event injuries all over the United States. 

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