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Doctors & Lawyers – How Southern Med Law Leads The Way

Doctors & Lawyers – How Southern Med Law Leads the Way

At the most challenging times in our lives, we turn to the healers for help. But who do we turn to when the healers fail us? When their negligent performance not only falls short of aid but actually inflicts harm?

The phrase, “First, do no harm,” is widely acknowledged as the cornerstone of modern medical practice. But in malpractice cases, actually proving harm can be tricky. The victims of harmful drugs, defective medical devices/products, and negligent injury need someone on their side who knows the ins and outs of the medical field. 

Doctors and attorneys are both trained in highly specialized patterns of thought that allow them to accurately connect cause to effect or vice versa. Who could be more suited to represent you in your malpractice case than a team of attorneys with first-hand medical knowledge?

Southern Med Law was established by Dr. François Blaudeau–a practicing obstetrician/gynecologist and attorney. Founded with achieving justice for the victims of medical malpractice foremost in its mandate, Southern Med Law combines medical and legal expertise to aggressively advocate for its clients.

A Competent Peer

Medical malpractice cases are rarely cut and dry. Generally, there are several conditions that plaintiffs and their attorneys have to meet to ultimately prove a claim of malpractice. 

Firstly, plaintiffs must demonstrate that a physician made a mistake that any competent peer (e.g. a similar doctor in their field) might have avoided. However, demonstrating what a “competent peer” should reasonably know or understand within a certain medical situation is itself knowledge that only “competent peers” generally possess. 

As currently practicing physicians and attorneys, Dr. Blaudeau and his team at Southern Med Law not only understand the burden of proof, they also understand the medicine required to qualify medical malpractice cases. Using our years of experience, Southern Med Law’s team will review your medical records free of charge and provide you an analysis of your potential claims to determine if medical negligence occurred during your care.

Clear Cause of Injury

Furthermore, a clear line must be drawn between a physician’s negligence and a patient’s injury for any malpractice suit to succeed. Negligence can include (but is certainly not limited to) harmful or unnecessary prescriptions, negligently performed acts during medical procedures, or a failure to act during a medical procedure. The use of defective devices or products may also constitute negligent harm. 

Southern Med Law’s attorneys have the training and experience required to comprehend complex medical procedures, dangerous pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. As a practicing physician and attorney, Dr. Blaudeau understands industry-wide standards and best practices. With this knowledge, Southern Med Law’s team can investigate the details of your malpractice claim with the clarity and wisdom of a physician, giving you a demonstrable edge. 

The Legal Side

Attorneys who are willing to represent plaintiffs in medical malpractice suits may not have the industry-specific experience necessary to adequately try your case. There are several “red flags” that are easy to spot in any law firm or attorney’s office who over promise and under deliver. 

Most firms rely on outside physicians to try their malpractice cases, placing too great an emphasis on the quality and reputation of their expert witness to the possible detriment of your suit. And while attorneys who specialize in personal injury may be all too eager to represent you, they may not have successfully taken a malpractice case all the way to trial before. 

Southern Med Law excels in both areas of expertise. By combining the knowledge of a trained physician together with their legal expertise, Southern Med Law is perfectly poised to represent you with the vigor and desire for justice that you deserve. 

Just as we wouldn’t see an ENT to mend a broken bone, or rely on a hematologist to assist in childbirth, we shouldn’t appeal to personal injury lawyers or others when it comes to our malpractice case–especially not when the real experts are only a phone call away.

First, Do No Harm

Southern Med Law was born out of the need to rectify medical malpractice. As a doctor long before he learned the law, Southern Med’s founder Dr. François Blaudeau dedicated his life to healing and to doing no harm. 

Drawing from that deep well of personal experience, Dr. Blaudeau and his team are committed to achieving justice for those who reasonably trusted doctors to keep their Hippocratic Oath. When the healers fail us, when they cause us actual harm, Southern Med Law is here to demand accountability.

Southern Med Law is the best of both worlds!

As a practicing physician and attorney, Dr. Blaudeau and the team at Southern Med Law stand ready to put their expertise to work for you. With the medical knowledge, medical training, legal experience, and a track record of success in taking malpractice claims to court, Southern Med Law knows exactly what it takes to achieve justice for its clients. For more information, call us at (205) 547-5525.