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Juul Vapes: What’s The Latest Research?

Juul vapes: What’s the latest research?

Juul injuries and deaths are up – and at Southern Med Law, we’re doing something about it.

As Co-Chair of the Science Committee for the JCCP California State litigation against JUUL Labs Inc., I have the inside track on the latest medical findings regarding Juul vapes and the legal implications of consumers wanting to file Juul lawsuits. 

Let’s start you off with some facts about Juul vapes that provide perspective on the dangers of Juul pods.

Fundamental Take-Home Points Regarding Juul Vapes: 

  1. Juul vapes, an electronic nicotine delivery system, is a novel way of getting nicotine into a person’s body. JUUL Labs Inc. puts lots of nicotine into their products. In fact, they put 2.5 times the nicotine into Juul vapes sold in the US than in those sold in Europe. And Juul is definitely interested in getting as much nicotine into the human body as quickly as they can – this obviously causes addiction, which means repeat customers.
  2. Juul vapes are actively marketed in the US to young people. Juul understands their target market very well, and they have very sophisticated ad campaigns. They are using social influencers to direct eyes to the product and get people to buy. They know that pleasant, fruity, and minty flavors appeal more to young people than nicotine, which has a very harsh taste. Juul initially dealt with this by offering Juul pod flavors such as mango, creme brulee, and menthol, so when young people actually used the Juul vape, they experienced a pleasant taste and enjoyed the device, unlike trying a cigarette for the first time.  Juul has since stopped selling fruit, creme brulee, and mango flavors, but had ample time to addict millions of young Americans before those flavors were withdrawn. 
  3. The Juul vape device, from a gadget standpoint, has a modern, “cool” look and feel, which appeals to young people. They are shaped like a USB (an elongated flash drive), so teachers and other authority figures can’t readily identify them for what they are. They simply plug into computers or USB chargers—no match to light, no smoke, and no setting off a smoke detector. 

Juul utilized years of data gathered by big tobacco, which influenced JUUL Labs Inc. to develop its products in a way that appealed to a younger demographic. Young people’s brains develop by the age of 25. The 16 to 25 age range is the time people are most likely to become addicted. If you smoke or vape when you’re 40 versus 19, you’re much less likely to become addicted to the Juul vape. In addition, young people love that “kick” they get from the jolt of high nicotine levels in a Juul pod. The amount of nicotine inhaled from a Juul vape gets to the brain much faster than from smoking cigarettes. Addiction to these devices happens fast – in many instances, in a matter of a couple of weeks. 

So now that you’re up to speed on the appeal and marketing of Juul vape devices, let’s talk about the damaging effects of what we’re still learning about “juuling”:

Health Problems Caused By Juul Vapes:

  1. Nicotine causes brain problems – it messes with your neurotransmitters. People who use Juul vapes have a lower seizure threshold, and it can, in fact, cause them.
  2. Medically, the nicotine in Juul vapes causes dangerous effects on the brain, blood vessels, and lung tissue. Moreover, liquid chemicals in the Juul pods, when heated, cause toxic chemical reactions, producing known carcinogenic compounds that result in injury to lung tissues. 
  3. What we see in young people over time is a permanent lung injury, which can cause early-onset COPD, shortness of breath and decreased lung capacity (measured by pulmonary function testing), and even sudden cardiac arrest.

There are also potential health risks we don’t know yet but suspect will be an issue for long-term Juul users. For example, what is the interaction between nicotine and the liquid chemicals in Juul vapes? Will these higher doses of nicotine create the potential for greater damage from the chemical mixing effect? Some of the chemicals found in Juul require advanced personal protective gear for the workers who process them. It’s just crazy when you think that Juul allowed these chemicals to be used in their vaping products!

One of the major problems with the Juul vape phenomenon is that, originally, these products were not regulated. By the time the FDA got involved and started imposing sanctions such as limiting their advertising and making them provide data, there were reportedly 3.5 million young people juuling already by 2019.

These are the dangers our committee is continuing to monitor and study, and we will bring you updates as soon as they are available.

Why Work with Southern Med Law For Your Potential Juul Lawsuit?

As the parent of a teenager, you may be realizing that you might have a case against Juul vapes. So what’s next? You find a legal partner in helping you file and follow-up on this claim. 

We’d like you to work with us at Southern Med Law, and we’d like to give you a few reasons why we are the best law firm in the country to handle your Juul litigation:

  1. We have tons of experience and knowledge because we sit on the Science Committee for the main class action suit, and we are leading the litigation. You will not find another law firm more embedded in Juul litigation than Southern Med Law.
  2. Because I am an MD (I’m still a practicing physician and surgeon), we’re more in tune to really assess your damages. The question you will end up asking yourself is, “Did my lawyers properly assess my child’s damages prior to resolving my case?” Other attorneys could easily miss some complications and just settle for a low amount – only to find out later that the level of injury would have been more highly compensated. 
  3. We take a personal interest in our clients – we work with you as individuals. Larger law firms won’t give you the same level of care – period. In a Juul lawsuit size doesn’t equal competency. We work for the best outcomes for our clients.

Your Juul lawsuit: litigated expertly with Southern Med Law.

Southern Med Law helps parents and patients file and prepare for Juul lawsuits. As surgeons and attorneys, Southern Med Law’s team have a deep understanding of the difficult medical and legal dilemmas at hand in all different types of injury claims. For our help navigating the complex legal process involved in Juul lawsuits, check out our website or call us today at (205) 547-5525.