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Are You Getting The Proper Legal Help For Your Devastating Catastrophic Injury?

Are you getting the proper legal help for your devastating catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries are devastating, not only emotionally but financially. An injury to the brain, back, or neck, can leave a patient completely immobile or quadriplegic, requiring them to need medical assistance or round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives. 

That said, several types of injuries are classified as catastrophic, and the cause of those injuries may be subject to medical malpractice claims. These lawsuits are necessary to ensure the affected party and their families can provide for their continued care, and the responsible party can be held accountable. 

What are the implications of a catastrophic injury? 

Catastrophic injuries can require a lifetime of care. In terms of a lawsuit, they need to be legally laid out in a scientifically-backed “life-care plan” that details how much the affected party can expect to pay out for care throughout their lives. The catastrophic injury does affect how the person lives the remainder of their life. However, it also doesn’t mean the individual should accept that their life is over. 

Therefore, to continue living after a catastrophic accident, you must have the necessary resources. These resources often include home nursing, mechanical beds, and other medical equipment. These resources come at a cost you will continue to incur for the rest of your life. You do not fully recover from a catastrophic injury. 

Moreover, you’ll also be dealing with a loss of income, making your medical malpractice suit necessary to ensure you and your family will have the care you need for the remainder of your life. 

Can a typical attorney appropriately fight for your catastrophic injury?

Compared to attorneys with medical backgrounds and experience handling catastrophic injury suits, typical attorneys will find their efforts limited. It is harder for these attorneys to access the information needed to prove their medical malpractice case. 

Southern Med Law’s President is both a practicing physician and attorney. We have the specialized experience needed to properly prepare a case and pull together all of the necessary records and estimates required for the best lawsuit outcomes possible.

Also, attorneys like Southern Med Law have access to valuable resources other lawyers don’t. They already have positive working relationships with many experts in the medical field. Southern Med Law can leverage its resources and work with medical experts in all fields to prove your case. 

How do I begin a lawsuit for my catastrophic injury case?

Southern Med Law provides free consultations and reviews the potential client’s records. If the law firm does decide to pass on your case, they will explain why. 

When you’re ready to discuss your catastrophic injury, reach out to Southern Med Law. We will fight to get you the settlement you deserve, giving you closure and peace of mind knowing your continuing health needs will be met. 

Contact Southern Med Law for Your Catastrophic Injury Case

Southern Med Law is uniquely qualified to handle your catastrophic injury med mal case. The firm’s owner is both a practicing attorney and a practicing medical professional. They are well-qualified to take on medical and car accident cases.

When you’re ready to discuss your catastrophic injury case, contact Southern Med Law at (205) 547-5525.