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A judges gavel and a doctors stethoscope

Doctors & Lawyers – How Southern Med Law Leads the Way

At the most challenging times in our lives, we turn to the healers for help.…

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Catastrophic injury patient represented by Southern Med Law

Are you getting the proper legal help for your devastating catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries are devastating, not only emotionally but financially. An injury to the brain, back,…

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a young person using a Juul vape and Juul vape pod

Juul vapes: What’s the latest research?

Juul injuries and deaths are up - and at Southern Med Law, we’re doing something…

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an injured patient in the hospital

3 Dangerous Medical Malpractice Lawyer “Red Flags” To Watch For

You might have arrived at this article because you’re thinking about hiring a medical malpractice…

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