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Reports Indicate Microcephaly Birth Defects Caused By Pyriproxyfen And Not Zika Virus


Zika Virus Birth Defects And Microcephaly Birth Defect Lawsuits That May Be Associated With The Chemical, Pyriproxyfen, which has links to Monsanto. While reports have linked the Zika virus with microcephaly birth defects that causes babies to have an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain. Now other reports point to the chemical Pyriproxyfen as the […]

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Jury Awards $70 Million In Third Talcum Powder Lawsuit Trial Alleging Ovarian Cancer


Talcum Powder Lawsuit Jury Finds Woman Developed Ovarian Cancer After Using Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder For Feminine Hygiene For Decades. Talcum Powder Lawsuit News: After three hours of deliberation, a St. Louis jury on Thursday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $70 million to a California woman who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson […]

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Talcum Powder Lawsuits Alleging Ovarian Cancer Consolidated Into Federal MDL


Talcum Powder Lawsuits Allege Women Developed Ovarian Cancer After Prolonged Use of Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder and Baby Powder Products. The growing number of talcum powder lawsuits filed in federal courts alleging a link between long-term talcum powder use and ovarian cancer has prompted a federal judicial panel to consolidate the complaints. The U.S. […]

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Essure Side Effects Lawsuits Are Consolidated Into MDL In California


Essure Side Effects Lawsuits Allege The Birth Control Device Caused Experienced Ectopic Pregnancies, Hysterectomies, Punctured Uterus, And Miscarriages. Essure Side Effects Lawsuits Info: Nearly two months after allowing Essure side effect lawsuits to proceed against Bayer, an Alameda County Superior Court judge granted a petition to consolidate all Essure lawsuits filed in California. The Essure […]

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Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits: Doctor Takes Up Fight Against Power Morcellators That Spread Cancer


Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits Allege Power Morcellators Used To Remove Fibroids Spread Uterine Cancer, Including Leiomyosarcoma. As Southern Med Law’s founder, Dr. François Blaudeau has advocated and represented numerous women in morcellator cancer lawsuits, another doctor joins his fight by filing a formal legal complaint demanding a full investigation and prosecution of morcellator manufacturers and companies […]

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Newly Filed Bair Hugger Lawsuit Alleges Warming Device Caused Knee Amputation And Death


Bair Hugger Lawsuit Filings Allege The Forced-Air Warming Blanket Causes Life-Threatening Infections During Joint Replacement Surgeries. A newly filed Bair Hugger lawsuit is alleging the surgical warming blanket led to a knee amputation and the death of a Louisiana woman. According to the Bair Hugger lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, […]

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Exploding E-Cigarette Lawsuits Look At Reports Of 12 E-Cigarette Related Explosions in 12 weeks


Exploding E-Cigarette Lawsuits Allege Users Suffer Severe Burns From Exploding Ion Lithium Batteries In Electronic Cigarettes. E-cigarette explosion cases are coming in so “fast and furious” that doctors at the Arizona Burn Center are now documenting them in a medical journal, according to a report in At one point, the burn center in Phoenix […]

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Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits Continue To Be Filed Alleging Permanent Injuries From Hernia Mesh

hernia-mesh lawsuits-physiomesh-lawsuit-physiomesh-failures-recall-complications-problems-lawyer

Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuits Allege The Hernia Repair Mesh Is Defective And Has High Rates of Hernia Recurrence And Revision Surgeries. Another Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit has been filed claiming the hernia repair mesh left a Florida woman with permanent bodily injuries. There hernia mesh lawsuit come after Ethicon Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, voluntarily […]

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More Reports of Exploding Lithium Ion Batteries Has Samsung Saying “Power Down”


Note 7 Phones Not The First To Experience Exploding Lithium Ion Batteries. Reports of E-Cigarettes and Hover Boards Catching Fire Have Already Sparked Lawsuits With reports of exploding lithium Ion batteries in the Note 7 replacement phones, Samsung Electronics has stopped production and global sales of its Galaxy Note 7. Samsung officials had previously recalled […]

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As Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuits Continue, Bayer’s Reveals New IUD Contraceptive Device


Southern Med Law Represents Women in Mirena Pregnancy Lawsuits Alleging Birth Injuries, Miscarriage, and Stillbirth Associated With Bayer’s Mirena IUD. As Mirena pregnancy lawsuits move forward against Bayer over its Mirena long-term contraceptive, Bayer recently announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its new IUD birth control device,. Like Mirena, the Kyleena […]

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